UHP Student Advisor – Jaishri Atri

3 May

Jaishri Atri CCAS '13

Jaishri Atri
CCAS ’13 – Anthropology (SPHHS Application pending)
Lowell, MA

My name is Jaishri Atri and I am really excited to pass on all the information I’ve learned through my time at GW so far! I’m a Sophomore in the Columbian College and I’m really interested in medicine/public health/alternative medicine and development. On campus I spend a lot of my time interning at the Department of International Medicine and trying to study, but when I have a free minute I’m usually working on improving the lives of people in Rwanda through GlobeMed GW. I’m actually going to be going to Rwanda this summer on a Public Health oriented internship, and I’m terribly excited about this opportunity! I love to garden, cook, explore DC, and listen to music–specifically alternative rock and dance remixes. I love that in the Honors Program people are so open and willing to share what they are passionate about and what they have learned through their time here at GW. An interesting conversation or a homework helper are never far away when your friends are UHP’ers.

Advising areas: Coping with science workloads, pre-med, how to stay organized, how to balance a relationship and school, how to stay sane, how to deal with pressure from families to do well in school


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