Study Hours at the UHP

25 Apr

Finals are once again upon us!  With the nice weather you might be tempted to grab your books and head to Lisner Beach to get some work done, but if you find you need to be indoors, the UHP is there for you!

Gelman gets mighty crowded, but you’ll have access to the club room and the basement here at the UHP.  (Along with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and a few snacks too!)  We’ll reserve the basement for “silent study” for those of you that prefer it.

Study Hours in the UHP are:

Wed 4/27: 9am-10pm
Thur 4/28: No study hours!  Head to Bertucci’s instead! (Just get your tickets first.)
Fri 4/29: 9am-10pm

Sat 4/30: 12-10pm
Sun 5/1: 12-10pm

Mon 5/2: 9am-10pm
Tues 5/3: 9am-10pm
Wed 5/4: 9am-10pm
Thurs 5/5: 9am-10pm
Fri 5/6: 9am-10pm

Sat 5/7: 12-10pm
Sun 5/8: 12-10pm

Mon 5/9: 9am-10pm
Tues 5/10: 9am-10pm


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