Seniors: How to Get Your Cords and Tickets

19 Apr

This is so exciting!

Every year we host a grand celebration in the stunning City View Room at E Street for our graduating seniors.  There’s tasty food and drink, lots of friends and family, and a good showing from the Honors faculty (and staff 😉 ) you’ve come to know and love over your past four years at the UHP.  Oh, we’re just so proud of you.

But, before you can get your 5 tickets to the graduation reception (and no, graduates don’t need a ticket for themselves), you need to do one teeny, tiny, last thing for us.  Complete the Senior Survey.  We’ve already emailed all seniors with a link to the survey, which should take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.  It’s completely anonymous and there are no wrong answers.  But you’re Honors students, so you’ll probably find a way to ace it anyway.

If you’re graduating this Spring and you didn’t get an email from us, you should let us know right away by emailing  

After you complete the survey, you can pick up your tickets and your fancy Honors cord, to be worn at graduation.  It’s gold!  Or rather, it’s the color of gold!

Alright, start surveying.

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