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UHP Student Advisor – Isabella Black

29 Apr

Isabella Black CCAS '13

Isabella Black
CCAS ’13 – Chemistry/Forensics
Melrose, MA

Hi!  My name is Isabella Black and I am a sophomore majoring in Chemistry/Forensics in the Columbian College.  I am in a five year BS/MS Forensic Chemistry Program at GW.  Originally, I am from Melrose, MA, which is about twenty minutes from Boston.  I am proud to say that I am actually the first one ever to apply to and go to GW from my high school.  When I am not sitting in Gelman with my head in a chemistry, physics, or biology book, I spend my time researching hookworm in GW’s Department of Microbiology and Tropical Medicine and pledging for Alpha Chi Sigma.  You can also most likely find me working out at the gym or playing the piano in the practice rooms in the Music Department.  However, if you really need to find me then come to Starbucks because 99.9% of the time you will see me there (I have a “slight” addiction to caffeine).  On the weekends I like to unwind from the chaos of being a chemistry major and go out with my friends, watch movies, and explore DC.  What I love most about the Honors Program are the interesting courses that are offered and the small sizes of the classes.  The smaller sizes of the Honors classes along with amazing professors who are exceptionally gifted in their fields serve to create a learning experience that usually cannot be found in a large college lecture.

Advising Areas: Science majors; balancing science requirements with honors requirements; managing both science and honors; adjusting to demanding curriculum; time management.

The UHP’s Biofuel Startup

28 Apr

This guest post is written by UHPer Margaret Kavaras.

This is pretty much what it's like in class.

This semester, Professor Miller’s Experimental Biofuel Startup class has been busy continuing to explore the science and feasibility of a green energy derived from algae. The class has divided into 3 teams: Scale up, Super Critical Extraction, and Reforming/Refining–each focusing on attacking a different aspect of the process in attaining biofuel. Thanks to the University Honors Program and their SURE awards, this semester we have had enough of that missing ingredient to go forward with all of our research projects, allowing us GW students to research, experiment with, and perfect innovative techniques on the cutting edge of green fuel technology. This time around, we are going bigger and better. We have scaled up production, extracted oil, and replicated the conversion process! Here’s a brief overview of what each team has been working on:

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UHP Student Advisor – Elyssa Kaplan

27 Apr

Elyssa Kaplan, ESIA '12

Elyssa Kaplan
ESIA ’12- International Affairs, International Politics
Bogart, GA

Hello- My name is Elyssa Kaplan and I am a sophomore majoring in International Affairs, concentrating in International Politics. I call the Athens area home along with the University of Georgia Bulldawgs. However, my heart is split as I also love the Florida Gators. Besides watching SEC football, I enjoy cooking (and am graduating a year early to move to Paris to go to culinary arts school!), How I Met Your Mother, and trying to make my life more of a Goonies-type adventure. I also work part-time for the Personal Care Products Industry’s Look Good…Feel Better program, helping women undergoing cancer treatments take care of their skin, nails, and hair. I’m a fan of the Honors program because it gave me a smaller community, opportunities for some of my best classes and professors, and a personalized GW academic experience- I never felt like a number.

Advising Areas: International Affairs Majors, graduating early, Greek Life, internships, gap years and living abroad, change from small town to living in a city

Don’t Forget: Student-Faculty Dinner Tomorrow [Delicious Food]

27 Apr

Alright, this is our last announcement.  If you haven’t picked up your $5 ticket to pizza heaven, you should do so now.

We’ll be enjoying an all-you-care-to-eat buffet at Bertucci’s with friends and faculty tomorrow, April 28th from 5pm to 7pm at Bertucci’s Restaurant in 2000 Penn.

All UHP students and faculty are invited to attend. Students: pick up your $5 ticket at the UHP office.  Tickets are available now!

Make sure to RSVP on Facebook if you’ll be coming.


Algae Open House

26 Apr

Honors freshmen students enrolled in Prof. J. Houston Miller‘s Scientific Reasoning and Discovery course will present a showcase of their progress throughout the year.  We’ll see their research and examples of their experiments.

In this section of Scientific Reasoning and Discovery, students harvest biofuel from algae.  All of their scientific study is done in the context of creating a biofuel start up company, so the students learn how to solve real problems in the real world.  Several students have won funding for their class projects from the Sigelman Undergraduate Research Enhancement (SURE) award.  Last semester, the class and students were featured in the Planet Forward film festival.   It’s cool stuff!

Everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to come check it out!  Poke your head in to see their work.

The “algae open house” will be in the UHP Club Room at 714 21st St on Friday, April 29th from 3pm to 4:30pm.