Research Assistantship [Write a Book]

28 Mar

Tadeusz Zawidzki, Philosophy, Mind-Brain-Evolution Cluster

Prof. Zawidzki is in the final stages of completing a book under contract with MIT Press, entitled “Mindshaping: Linchpin of the Human Socio-Cognitive Syndrome”.  The topic is human social cognition: our ability to understand and predict each other’s behavior, important to success human coordination.  The received view in this area of philosophical or psychological research is that human beings are expert psychologists, or “mindreaders”: very good at inferring what others are thinking.  Against this, Prof. Zawidzki argues that our socio-cognitive success has more to do with “mindshaping”.  We have evolved very effective means of shaping each others’ minds – through imitation, pedagogy, conformism, norm enforcement – such that our behavior is homogenous enough to be predictable.

Prof. Zawidzki plans to complete the ultimate draft by the end of June and needs help compiling the bibliography. He is looking for a research assistant willing to track down references in the manuscript and enter them into a bibliographic database, like “Endnote”, capable of generating a bibliography that meets MIT Press’ stylistic requirements.

Please contact Prof. Zawidzki directly for more information or to express your interest at


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