Getting Ready for Registration — The Complete Guide

8 Mar

Registration Day

Fall registration approaches!  Please pay close attention to the following registration guidelines!  Registration begins each day at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 8:00 p.m.

Fall 2011 Early Registration Schedule

Undergraduate Students begin:
March 25 Friday Rising Honors sophomores
March 29 Tuesday 90 or more hours (credits) earned
March 30 Wednesday 75 or more hours (credits) earned
March 31 Thursday 55 or more hours (credits) earned
April 1 Friday 30 or more hours (credits) earned
Undergraduate Students with less than 30 hours (credits) earned : #
April 4 # Monday Last name beginning A through K
April 5 # Tuesday Last name beginning L through Z
General Registration
April 6 – August 28 ********** All Degree-Seeking Candidates

# equal spaces will be reserved for each day

Rising juniors, please remember that you will register according to credits earned.  Check your unofficial transcript via GWeb for the number of credits you have earned; please note that number does not include the credits for which you are currently registered!

Advising Hold Removal Schedule
While all honors students are encouraged to see an honors advisor before registration, Columbian College students MUST meet with one of the advisors to remove your advising hold BEFORE registration unless your major advisor has lifted it for you. Make sure you are prepared with a tentative course schedule using the Fall 2011 Schedule of Classes ( and Honors course offerings (; the link to our advisor approval form is here ( Please use our wide selection of dates to your advantage – plan on meeting with an advisor at a time that is most practical given your registration date.  Students may remove their hold by either of the following options:

1.  Attend a hold removal party:

Monday, March 21st – pizza from 2-4pm in the Club Room!

Tuesday, March 22nd – pizza in Thurston’s piano lounge, 12-2pm

Thursday, March 24th – bagels 10am-12pm in the Club Room!

2.  Attend walk-in hours the week of the 21st and the week of the 28th all day everyday!  (Except during hold removals.)

3.  Make an appointment with an advisor (before March 21) online at:

Please note that Columbian College students who have declared a major should see their faculty advisors regarding course selection, but may have their hold removed by the honors advisors.  Elliott, Business, and Engineering School students must meet with their school advisors for hold removal but are encouraged to speak to an honors advisor about their course selection!

Attention ALL Students: Urgent Hold Information
We encourage you to check your record via GWeb regarding holds prior to your scheduled registration time.  Any hold on your account will prevent access to registration.

Rising sophomores in the Columbian College with thirty or more credits earned may have a “major declaration hold” placed on their accounts automatically; this is easily resolved by a visit to the Columbian College office (Phillips 107) to explain that as a freshman you are not yet required to declare a major.

Honors Courses
The Honors Fall 2011 course offerings are now available:

and the Registrar’s office has published the fall 2011 course schedule:

As new course information and revisions become available we will update the website.  Please re-check the information on the Schedule of Classes and the Honors site before you register to ensure that you’re up-to-date!

Please note the distinction between the two courses of the Self & Society and Arts & Humanities proseminar groups.  Beginning fall of 2011, 2047s and 2048s and equivalents in the 2175s and 5000s will be offered fall and spring, and students should plan to take one of each.  Courses labeled 2047 provide a foundation in the language, perspectives, methods, and research approaches of a specific social science discipline. Courses labeled 2048 engage a contemporary social issue, problem, or question.  The distinction between 2053W and 2054W remains, but is extended to equivalent courses in the 2175s and 5000s.  Courses labeled 2053W offer a thematic, multidisciplinary, and cross-cultural analysis of the arts and artistic expression, while courses labeled 2054W provide an in-depth exploration of important topics in the humanities, are grounded in specific disciplines and designed to develop academic skills required to engage in research in the students’ particular areas of interests within the humanities.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, HONR 4196 will no longer fulfill the capstone requirement.

Studying Abroad in the Fall?
If you are planning on studying abroad in the fall of 2011, you must submit a Study Abroad Form by Friday, April 30th.  Forms are available in the Honors office or online here.


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