UHP Student Advisor – Abby Bergren

4 Mar

Abby Bergren, CCAS '13

Abby Bergren
CCAS ’13 – Political Science
Georgetown, OH

Hello, my name is Abby Bergren and I’m a sophomore majoring in Political Science, concentrating in Public Policy, in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.  I’m from Georgetown, Ohio, which is definitely not the same thing as Georgetown U but, rather, a small, tobacco-farming community in southern Ohio.  Being involved in the GW College Democrats, Colonial Brass, GW Band, and the STAR programs means you can pretty much find me anywhere on campus, all the time.  That being said, my not-so-free time involves spending way too much money at WOW, checking out the DC restaurant scene, and infiltrating the Liberty Society. The best parts about the Honors program are the abilities to join such a close-knit (but not closed off!) community, as well as to take classes normally unavailable to non-majors (such as my Gender and Sexuality class this semester).

Advising Areas: Choosing a major, taking advantage of Honors program resources, anything involving student organizations, internships, study abroad (summer), summer opportunities, and conflict resolution (professors, roommates, etc.).


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