One Week to Win the Strasser (Cash) Prize

28 Feb

This is the final week to submit your best work to win the Strasser Prize.  It’s super easy to enter (hey, you’ve already done all the work!), all that’s left for you to do is pick your category and email your entry!

Category: Academic Writing
Includes research papers, essays, analysis, commentary
Top Prize: $100
Runner-up: $50

Category: Creative
Includes all creative writing pieces, such as short stories and poems.
Top Prize: $100
Runner-up: $50

Category:  UW20
Includes only papers from your Origins class in Fall 2010
Top Prize: $100
Runner-up: $50

The Rules, How to Enter, and Deadline
The rules governing the competition are as follows:  The student must be a member of the Honors Program; the paper must have been submitted for a grade during the last year as defined above; and the student may review and further edit the returned and graded paper prior to submission.

A written work may be entered in to only one category.  Students are welcome to enter unique works into all three categories.

The paper must be submitted electronically in MS Word or PDF format to  Please include in the e-mail with your attached submission: your name, your year, the class in which you originally submitted the paper, and the paper’s category (Academic, Creative, UW20).

Deadline for entries is Friday, March 4.

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