SURE Award Winners [Congrats]

22 Feb

Congratulations to our SURE award winners.  These are the students and groups that have won the SURE grant for undergraduate research:

  • Sushmitha Rajeevan
  • Kanika Gupta
  • Mailin Li
  • Christiaan Reynolds
  • Chelsey Faloona
  • Tigan Woolson
  • Group: Nicholas Gyongyosi, Benjamin Laman-Maharg, Preston Bell, Paul Organ, Joseph Setaro
  • Group: Alexandra Tran, Catherine Hood, Enxhi Xhoxhi
  • Group: Rio Hart, Bryan Kane, Joseph Sipos, Megan Kavaras, Naazneen Essabhoy

The SURE award is available to all UHP students to perform research of any kind, in any subject.

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  1. Get up to $500 to studywhat you’d like [SURE Award] « theUHP Blog - November 29, 2011

    […] least, but you are UHPers), but what you can actually do with that money is pretty sweet. Some of  last year’s winners used it to buy high tech equipment to turn algae into biofuel for their class project.  Others […]

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