Work for Impact Alabama [An Actual Job]

18 Feb

UHP Alum Carolyn tells us about a new job opportunity — one she’s had for the past year:

I graduated last May and started working at Impact Alabama in July.  So far it has been a fantastic experience– my co-workers are terrific, and I’ve learned so much (including how to prepare income tax returns, something I never thought I would know how to do).  We’re looking for graduating seniors with a sense of adventure and dedication to public service to fill our ranks for service year 2011-2012.

Impact Alabama, a nationally recognized organization fighting poverty in Alabama, is now accepting applications for Regional Coordinators. The Regional Coordinator position begins in July following graduation and lasts one year.

The position combines service with three of our nationally unique initiatives: FocusFirst, SaveFirst and CollegeFirst.

  • FocusFirst trains college students to provide high-tech vision screenings and follow-up care to preschool-age children in Head Starts and day cares in low-income rural and urban areas throughout Alabama. FocusFirst was recently selected from more than 800 nominations to receive a national award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in recognition of its creativity and commitment to addressing local health concerns.
  • SaveFirst trains college students to provide free tax preparation services and opportunities for savings and economic improvement to working families in Alabama.
  • CollegeFirst trains college and graduate students to help implement a Pre-AP summer Advanced Placement Institute for high school students in selected cities.

Each initiative will allow you to work directly on college campuses and in communities statewide.  When you work with FocusFirst, you will organize and plan training seminars for students at participating campuses, lead vision screenings across the state, and assist in the expansion of a statewide plan identifying target communities for vision screenings.  When you work with SaveFirst, you will train college students to prepare taxes and manage their service at community-based tax preparation sites, work with community partners to expand the initiative as a service-learning opportunity across Alabama, and research issues of poverty and predatory lending to continue developing a SaveFirst curriculum.  When you work with CollegeFirst, you will train college students to tutor and mentor AP high school students, provide support to AP teachers, and implement a three-week summer program for participating high school students.

To apply to serve as a Regional Coordinator for the 2011-2012 service year, please visit


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