“Seniority should not be the standard” [Alum in the News]

11 Feb

Michelle Costa

UHP Alum Michelle Costa showed up today in the Brooklyn Paper with (if you read through the comments on her article) a rather provocative idea:

From the day I walked through my classroom doors as a first-year teacher, I knew I was there for a reason. It wasn’t for the salary. It wasn’t for the summers off. It was because I knew that I would have the privilege of impacting students’ lives.

In a time of budget crunching across the country, it is becoming more and more clear that New York is not immune. Both Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg have stated that teacher layoffs are not simply a possibility; they are a reality.

Layoff decisions need to be made based on effectiveness, and not simply on seniority. Current state law dictates a “last in, first out” policy that is quality-blind. But turning a blind eye to teacher quality in this decision-making process will mean turning a blind eye to our students.

(Emphasis Added) Click through to read the rest of what she has to say about improving education.  Michelle teaches high school in Brooklyn, and we’ve heard from her here in the past.


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