From Dictatorship to Prospective Democracy in Guinea [Recommended Event]

25 Jan

An event many UHPers might be interested in:


The GW International Education Association (IEA) will be co-sponsoring this forum with the TransAfrica Forum and the Institute of Policy Studies. Building on the panelists’ contributions, the forum will discuss 52 years of dictatorship and the prospects for democracy in Guinea: Given its autocratic tradition, repressive apparatus and entrenched corruption, what are the odds for democracy in Guinea? Will the constitution be upheld? Will justice end impunity? Will human rights prevail? Is a system of checks- and-balances possible between the three branches of government? Will the priority go to rural, environmental, education and health policies?

Thursday, Jan.27 from 1:00-3:00 at Marvin Center.

The panelists are:

  • Tierno Monembo, Prize-winning novelist and social critic
  • Nicole C. Lee, TransAfrica director, lawyer and human rights advocate
  • Alexis Arieff, African Affairs analyst, Congressional Research Service,
  • Dr. George Ayittey, economist, scholar, president of the Free Africa Foundation.

Time for networking will follow the panel from 3-3:30 PM. NO RSVP required. For more information call: 301-802-2233 or 301-825-4580. Or visit:

You can find more info on the panelists: Guinea Forum


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