Study Hours at the UHP

1 Dec

No Gelman for You!

Good news!  You don’t have to study in Gelman!

Finals are hard; we can help make studying easier.  There’s plenty of space in our building’s clubroom and basement.  And to sweeten the deal, we’ll have snacks to power your brains as you think your way to a solid A. That includes hot chocolate, and coffee, btw (just bring your own mug).
We’re staying open on weekends and late into the night to help you get through in one piece!

Come to UHP Study Hours in our Office!
Saturday, 12/4 12-8pm
Sunday, 12/5 12-8pm
Monday, 12/6 1p-10pm
Tuesday, 12/7 7p-10pm
Wednesday, 12/8 4p-10p
Thursday, 12/9 1p-10p
Friday, 12/10 9am-noon & 6-10pm
Saturday, 12/11 12-8pm
Sunday, 12/12 12-8pm
Monday, 12/13 4p-10pm
Tuesday, 12/14 9a-2pm & 6p-10pm
Wednesday 12/15 1p-10p
You can see all study hours listed on our events calendar!

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