Exclusive Course Opportunities for UHPers

18 Nov

Online registration is open now through January 23rd for all students. As you put the final touches on your schedules, we’d like to draw your attention to a few of the special opportunities available to you as Honors Students.  Some of the sections listed below are exclusive opportunities, and are likely to fill up quickly as students rearrange their schedules.  Act now to secure your seat!  Juniors in ESIA should take special note of Prof. Wilkerson’s combined Capstone and Senior Thesis course.

SELF & SOCIETY OPTION: Leadership – in Theory and in Practice with Profs. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg and Gerald Kauvar – HONR 2175:11

This weekly seminar will bring in world-renown leaders from a variety of fields to discuss leadership over free lunch.  Distinguished speakers include Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; Admiral Thad Allen, National Incident Commander for the BP oil spill; Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell; and industrialist Josh Weston, Chairman Emeritus of Automatic Data Processing.

ARTS &  HUMANITIES OPTION: Bookmarks of Jewish History with Prof. David Schwartz
– HONR 2175:16

This unique course gives students the opportunity to do hands-on history. The course will split time between the Judaica collections in the Library of Congress and the Kiev Library in Gelman, giving students the unique opportunity to deal firsthand with exceedingly rare original texts and manuscripts. A great option for any students interested in upper-level History and Judaic Studies.  View the PDF for more information.

EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY: The Promotion of Democracy with Prof. Ruben Perina – HONR 2184:10

Students interested in development, political science, international affairs, and Latin-America, take note!  This intimate one-credit seminar will meet four times in February and March. Dr. Perina has years of experience at the Organization of American States, working on democratic institution building and training programs for young political leaders.  This Honors-exclusive course will focus on different practical approaches to the promotion of democracy.  This course is affiliated with the Elliott School’s Latin American and Hemisphere Program.

COMBINED CAPSTONE/THESIS OPPORTUNITY: ESIA Group Project with Prof. Lawrence WilkersonHONR 4196:10

There are still seats left in this popular national security seminar, taught by Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell.  This course fulfills both the Honors capstone and senior thesis requirement while offering an inside look into the conduct of American foreign policy. Elliott School students: this course counts as ESIA special honors; check with your ESIA course advisor to see if you qualify. (JUNIORS)


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