December Graduates: Did we hear from you?

16 Nov

Planning to graduate in December?

We should have received your graduation form and special honors verification form on Friday, November 12th!  If you did not turn these forms in, then we need to hear from you this week.  Contact us in person or via to turn your forms in or to ask any last-minute questions about them.

Hey, at least you only have two forms to complete.

In case you forgot, here’s the deal with the forms:

Graduation Forms: All students graduating from the UHP MUST complete a graduation form. These forms give the program officers important information and will make things easier for you in the long run.

Special Honors Verification Form: Students pursuing special honors in their major must complete a special honors verification form.  This form tells us what you are doing to fulfill an important Honors senior requirement.  If you are taking an Honors thesis through the UHP (HONR 198), then you don’t need to fill one of these out.

If you’re a senior who has no idea what this post is about, then set up an appointment with Catherine or Liz to figure out what you need to do to graduate from the University Honors Program!

And May graduates, it’s never too early to turn in your forms!  Download them here.


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