Something You Did – Take II [Profs on the Town]

7 Oct

This post is written by UHPer Paul Seltzer

I really enjoy minimally-priced things, especially when those things are cultural outings that end in giant brownie sundaes from Kramerbooks.

Luckily, my Arts and World Cultures class and I had the opportunity to experience this type of outing with our wonderful instructor, Professor Cheryl Vann, in the UHP-sponsored “Professors on the Town” field trip.

We went to Theater J to see the play Something You Did, about a 1960’s radical who has been locked up for decades after being found guilty for being an accomplice to detonating a bomb that killed a police officer.  The story is not-so-loosely based off of real characters; it is essentially an imagined scenario if Kathy Boudin, a former member of the Weather Underground, ever confronted David Horowitz, a former leftist and a current slimeball.

It was great to see a play that was both academically and culturally relevant.  We’ve been discussing in class how art, in its portrayal of heroes and heroics, can act as a purveyor of political ideology. The question of who is a hero in Something You Did continually plagues the characters.  Also, the conflict between New Left and neoconservative viewpoints, especially in the latter’s demonization of the former, echoed the current mainstream media discourse that both creates and panders to the current atmosphere of American politics.

As I mentioned before, our trip ended with dessert at Kramerbooks in DuPont Circle, courtesy of the UHP.  I ate a brownie sundae the size of a small dog.  Sooooooooo delicious!

Thanks to the UHP and Professor Vann for a great day!


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