Gamma-Ray Bursts: Black-hole Powered Beacons of Stellar Death [Food for Thought]

5 Oct

It’s time for the first Food for Thought of the year!  Food for Thought lunches are informal lunches held in the UHP club room with faculty discussing what’s interesting to them.  We bring the food, you bring your curiosity!

Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) result from the spectacular deaths of massive stars. GRB explosions are so energetic that astronomers can observe these events even from extremely distant galaxies–light from some GRBs has been traveling 13 billion years to reach our telescopes! In this lunchtime seminar, I will discuss the science of GRBs and describe how modern astronomy research is conducted. I will also talk about how I became an astronomer and why I study these fascinating events.

After RSVPing here you MUST pick up a ticket at the UHP office.

When: Thursday, October 14 from 12:30-1:30pm in the UHP Club Room.

Seats are limited, and only a ticket secures your spot. You must have a ticket.


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