Taking Sides in the Classroom [Good Article]

1 Oct

Has a Professor ever taken a blatant side on something in the classroom?  Did it surprise you?  This article, over at the Chronicle, is written by a college professor reflecting on a recent situation where he found himself calling a student’s views “un-American.”  As he says:

And yet in the past few years, I’ve found myself re-evaluating that position, culminating in last week’s little outburst. Specifically, what I keep running up against is this question: What is a professor supposed to do when the facts themselves are “biased”—that is, when a controversy exists in society, but the evidence falls overwhelmingly toward a single position? And where are the precise boundaries between fact, which a professor may legitimately discuss in terms of right and wrong, and opinion, which does not lend itself to such binary discussion?

Where do you think the line falls?


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