Cup Free in the UHP

28 Sep
Cups Make Trash

Cups Make Trash!

One of the many little perks of being in the UHP: free coffee and hot chocolate.

The downside: it’s crazy bad for the environment for us to be handing out all these cups.  (Seriously, we go through a ton.)

The solution:  we’re going cup free!

Or, actually, you’re going cup free.  The UHP staff already has their own Sigg bottles and mugs that we use, and we think it’s time that all you earth-conscious UHPers got on the bandwagon.

We’ll have disposable cups on hand, but only for special events — if you see them, don’t take them.  From now on bring your own reusable cups, mugs, and bottles to the UHP office for all the drinks you care to drink!

I think these eco coffee cups are super adorable, and I’ve definitely spotted Prof. Osborne with one of these for cold drinks as well.


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