How Do I Get Inolved Right? [Ask the Sherpa]

22 Sep
The Sherpa

The Sherpa

A freshman student writes in:

“Dear Sherpa,

There’s so much to do at GW, I don’t even know where to begin!  Everyone at the student org fair was really friendly and I’m interested in a lot of the groups but how should I choose which to join?

Overwhelmed Over-Achiever”

Near the village of my youth sat a mountain renowned for its beauty and danger both.  There were many paths to scale, and many views to be had.  Eager and confident, I believed that the most beautiful views would be enhanced by the greatest challenge.  I set out with a small team of equally ambitious friends.  We took on more than we could handle, but by the time we realized this fact, our weakest friend was already lost.   Though he lives on in our hearts and bellies, I shall always remember the lesson we learned together.

One must not become over involved. Don’t risk getting overwhelmed around midterms.  You’re new on campus, new to DC, new to college classes.  Give yourself a semester or two to get your bearings; adjust to your new lifestyle before you seriously commit. Still, you should definitely attend meetings and join groups. As to which ones, that is a choice you have to make yourself — reflect on what’s most important to you, give thought to whether you can give it the attention you think it deserves, and then make your choice.  Be particularly choosy when it comes to leadership positions. It is better to excel at a few things than it is to fail at many.

As I learned twice on that fateful mountain climb, don’t bite off more than you can chew.


One Response to “How Do I Get Inolved Right? [Ask the Sherpa]”

  1. Kayla Emerson September 29, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    WHAT! The all-wise Sherpa cannibalized his poor, weak friend? That makes me very sad inside…

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