Girls’ Empowerment with Dr. Marta Julia Ruiz [UHP Events]

22 Sep

Join us for

Opening Doors for Adolescent Girls:

Education as a criteria tool for advancing health and dignity

Monday October 4, 2010,  1:30-2:30 PM
UHP Club Room (714 21st Street NW)

With speaker Dr. Marta Julia Ruiz

In Guatemala, and many countries around the world, access to education is a privilege and not a right. Many girls are denied education, as household and family responsibilities take precedence. Marta Julia Ruiz is at the helm of efforts to offer girls more opportunities and improve their life chances. Her program, Abriendo Oportunidades, Opening Doors, facilitates girls’ pursuit of education, economic opportunity and vital health information—particularly in rural areas where girls are unlikely to attend school past age 12. Hear about how and why Dr. Ruiz has worked with girls, their families and the community at large to improve the economic status and valuing of indigenous Guatemalan girls. Dr.Ruiz is the recipient of the 2010 Americans for UNFPA Award for the Health and Dignity of Women. She will be honored on October 7, 2010 in New York City for her outstanding work. Americans for UNFPA builds moral, political, and financial support within the United States for UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. UNFPA provides women’s health care and promotes the rights of women in 150 countries around the world.Dr. Marta Julia Ruiz draws on her personal experiences as an indigenous Guatemalan to help improve the personal, academic and economic development of adolescent girls.  Dr. Ruiz runs unique girls empowerment initiatives for the Population Council.  Through woman to girl mentoring programs, girls 8-18 learn how to maximize their potential.

Dr. Ruiz is a medical doctor with a specialization in public health and reproductive health. She is committed to helping women and girls understand their health and rights to enable them to make informed decisions about their health and future.

Seats are limited, so come early!

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