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Junior Women, Win $5000 (and lunch)

30 Sep

Glamour magazine would like to invite students to apply for their Top 10 College Women Competition. Winners will be dynamic young women with leadership experience, academic excellence and inspiring goals. Winners receive a $5,000 cash prize, recognition in Glamour and a trip to New York City for an awards luncheon.

Any woman who is currently a full-time junior at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada for the 2010—2011 academic year is eligible to enter.

Students can read about former winners, and download an application here:

DEADLINE to apply: December 1, 2010.

I’m Going to be a Crypto-Zoologist Dad! And You Won’t Thwart Me.

30 Sep

I don’t think I can adequately introduce this video, all I can say is that what’s particularly great about this is how comically accurate it is to some of my own undergrad UHP experiences.

You have to watch this.

Girls’ Empowerment Speaker at the UHP [Events]

29 Sep

Here’s a short video about Abriendo Oportunidades in Guatemala, on which we’ll have Dr. Marta Julia Ruiz speaking:

Please join us at the UHP Club Room on October 4th at 1:30pm.  Read more about the event here.

Freshmen, Do your 4-year Plans!

29 Sep

Don’t forget to schedule your four year plan by October 22nd!

It’s a 30 minute meeting with either Catherine or Liz where we review the plan you’ve made.  Bring the completed plan with you, populated with specific courses in specific semesters over four years!  If you’re unsure of your major or concentration, either choose one arbitrarily or make more than one four year plan.  And definitely bring a lot of questions for us, we look forward discussing your future!

It’s just a 4-year plan.  If you haven’t done it, don’t put it off much longer!

Cup Free in the UHP

28 Sep
Cups Make Trash

Cups Make Trash!

One of the many little perks of being in the UHP: free coffee and hot chocolate.

The downside: it’s crazy bad for the environment for us to be handing out all these cups.  (Seriously, we go through a ton.)

The solution:  we’re going cup free!

Or, actually, you’re going cup free.  The UHP staff already has their own Sigg bottles and mugs that we use, and we think it’s time that all you earth-conscious UHPers got on the bandwagon.

We’ll have disposable cups on hand, but only for special events — if you see them, don’t take them.  From now on bring your own reusable cups, mugs, and bottles to the UHP office for all the drinks you care to drink!

I think these eco coffee cups are super adorable, and I’ve definitely spotted Prof. Osborne with one of these for cold drinks as well.