Walk-in Hours at the UHP!

27 Aug

In case you need help figuring this out...

It’s walk-in hours at the UHP!

From now through September 10th, students are welcome to stop  by the UHP for walk-in advising.  During this time we will not be making appointments in advance, that’s just how seriously we take walk-in advising.

So what’s the best way to use walk-in hours?

Freshmen: Probably best you wait until after your small group meeting before deciding you need an advising appointment.  That is, of course, unless you have registration problems!  Then walk-in to your heart’s content.

Sophomores: I have a feeling you’re going to stop in just to say hey and fill us in about your summer adventures … and I love it!  Definitely do that.  While you’re here, we’ll be glad to help you navigate 700-series options and recent curriculum changes.

Juniors: Is this your big year to study abroad? (Or would you like it to be, at least?)  We can help.  And for those of you who’d like to start this year off by planning for next year, we’ve got the answers to all your senior requirement concerns as well.

Seniors: It’s the final countdown!  Please talk to us about your thesis.  Please do this. There’s nothing worse than when a senior comes in mid-April and says “So, what’s this about a thesis?”  Let’s not have that happen to you.  If you’ve got capstone course questions, you should send them right to Prof. Rollberg.


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