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Reminder: Kalb Report Internship [Exclusive Honors Internship]

31 Aug

Here’s an exclusive internship opportunity for UHP students:

The GW Global Media Institute invites a student in the University Honors Program to go behind-the-scenes of the University’s acclaimed broadcast series The Kalb Report during the Fall 2010 semester. Conduct research on topics at the intersection of journalism, politics, and public policy and learn about developing program themes, interview preparation, guest booking, production, event management and marketing for this public television, radio and online series.

You can structure this internship as a 1-credit course through the Honors Program.

Find complete information and application materials here.

Deadline to apply: Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Federal Work Study with the Office of Sustainability [Jobs]

30 Aug

August 2010

GW Office of Sustainability

Federal Work Study Undergraduate Position

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to OR apply through GWork

The Office of Sustainability seeks an Undergraduate Federal Work Study intern for the 2010-2011 academic year. This is a great opportunity to get involved with sustainability on campus by supporting the Office’s mission to create a future with resource systems that are healthy and thriving for all.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Conducting research on sustainability issues including water, sustainability at peer institutions, sustainability engagement tools, and other topics as assigned.
  • Maintaining and updating a database of sustainability internships, courses and other educational materials.
  • Assisting with the compilation and completion of green ranking submissions.
  • Assisting in organization of Office of Sustainability events and activities as needed (such as Earth Week).
  • Performing general office tasks and other duties as assigned.


  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a sustainability-applicable field.
  • Demonstrated experience in research and analysis, to include the presentation of written and verbal reports, meeting time-sensitive deadlines and developing spreadsheets and other information is necessary.
  • Solid understanding of sustainability issues is preferred.
  • Creative and innovative approach to problem solving, a plus.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, demonstrating tact and diplomacy to consistently interact effectively and flexibly with team members and diverse groups of people is necessary.
  • Ability to conduct general research on sustainability issues.
  • Analytical skills; proficient in PowerPoint and Excel.

Timing: The ideal candidate will be available for part-time work for the full academic year.

Application: Cover letter, resume, and two references.

Additional Details: This will be a paid position.

Office of Sustainability: GW’s Office of Sustainability was formed in 2008 to provide a home for sustainability and environmental projects at GW in partnership with its many existing staff and offices. The Office of Sustainability advances GW’s mission to create systems that are healthy and thriving for all, long into the future by setting sustainability strategy, inviting participation, and nurturing the GW culture.

Deadline: September 10th, 2010

Add/Drop Period and Deadline

30 Aug

You have until Sunday, September 12th to keep changing your schedule without penalty.  That means you can drop your entire schedule and add a whole new one! Huzzah!

Remember though, that most university offices aren’t open on the weekend, so if you need paperwork processed by Colonial Central or signed by anyone, you’ll want to make sure that’s all done before the end of Friday, September 10th.

Greetings from Liz Sutton, new UHP Program Officer

30 Aug
Liz Sutton

Liz Sutton

With two weeks as the new Program Officer in the University Honors Program under my belt, it’s my pleasure to both introduce myself and welcome incoming students to the UHP.  We’re beginning our GWU journey together!

Raised in Galway, NY, I most recently spent nine years in Boston, MA – four years of undergraduate study at Tufts University and five years working at Harvard University where I also earned a master’s degree in education. When not working or studying I dance as much as possible!   While in Boston I choreographed for and performed with Tribe, the Dance Companyvisit YouTube for a look at one of my pieces.

2010 marks my eleventh year volunteering with Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY). I was an ambassador at the New York East seminar and the World Leadership Congress in Philadelphia in 1999 and have since volunteered in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and right here in DC.  I also staffed the 2002 World Leadership Congress at GW, during which I lived in Thurston Hall!  I am also a die-hard New York Yankees fan and play soccer when time allows.

With an undergraduate degree in Comparative Religion and a master’s degree focused on Higher Education, my academic interests lie at the intersection of education, religion, and American public life. These interests include colleges and universities, with particular attention to curricular development and organizational development; religion in contemporary America with a focus on religion and politics; moral and ethical education; and philosophy of education.

I look forward to meeting Honors students and faculty and to spending many fruitful and fun years together!


29 Aug

Welcome to our freshman class, and welcome back to our sophmore, junior, and senior classes! It was entirely too quiet in the Honors Building this summer; we’re eagerly awaiting the return to life that the new academic year brings.

I attended the Convocation ceremonies today and don’t want to repeat the sound advice offered in today’s speeches. Instead, I thought I’d share two memories of the day that I’ve thought of since returning home. One of the highlights of the day for me happened when I was driving in. Near the Smith Center a few students were tossing a football across the road; a horde of students stood in front of one townhouse in what appeared to be a giant kiddie pool, laughing and gabbing. Still larger hordes of students — identifiable by the color of their t-shirts — yelled and chanted as they marched to the Smith Center. Faculty in their regalia darted between the chaos, looking for a way in. The campus was alive; a spirit of adventure could be felt. Life might appear calmer tomorrow when classes begin, but I hope that you take that spirit of adventure into the classroom with you. It doesn’t just belong outdoors!

The second highlight of the day occurred when I was lining up with other faculty to process in for Convocation. I had the good fortune to be standing next to Professor Peter Caws, a University Professor of Philosophy who teaches for the Honors Program, and was reminded that among his many scholarly articles and books, he once wrote about “the culture of curiosity.” The phrase immediately resonated for me, as it captures precisely what I hope the Honors Program will do for all of you — take your curiosity and lead you somewhere new; build a “culture of curiosity” for all of us.

Perhaps the phrase resonates also because one of my favorite lines in Lewis Carroll’s wonderful tale Alice in Wonderland is “curious and curiouser” — not perfect grammar, but it captures the spirit that leads Alice through all of her transformative experiences. I hope the semester ahead is transformative for you, and that your curiosity takes you somewhere you did not expect to go. With all the best wishes, Maria Frawley