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What’s Up Alum? – Sara Oliveri

10 Jun


Sara Oliveri

Since graduating from George Washington in May 2009 I have begun pursuing my dream to open a wellness sanctuary – a place that offers visitors the opportunity to enhance their physical and mental well-being.  Over the past year I have taught Yoga, Cycling, Swimming, and Fitness classes throughout Washington, DC, and continued my education as a Yoga Instructor to become recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher.
Most recently, I was accepted into the Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania. I will begin pursing my Master’s this fall in Philadelphia where I will study the science of human thriving with Dr. Martin Seligman. In the future, I plan to combine my knowledge of positive psychology and the human mind with my knowledge of exercise science and the human body. I will use this combined knowledge to build a business that offers both physical and psychological activities to help people become their most satisfied, functional selves.

New University Professor and Honors Opportunity

7 Jun

Dear University Honors Program Students,

I hope you are all happily settled into the summer and well occupied. I am writing now with exciting news about a new University Professor just hired by GW: Michael Barnett, a world-famous scholar with many influential publications and whose specialty areas include the Middle East, humanitarianism, and international affairs and international organizations. A more detailed account of Professor Barnett’s many accomplishments and areas of expertise can be found in the following article:

The especially good news is that Profsesor Barnett has asked that his first course be for the University Honors Program. This fall he will offer a seminar on “Humanitarianism” that will meet in the UHP building on Wednesdays from 12:45 to 3:15. This course will fulfill a UHP Self & Society Requirement and an ESIA “Conflict and Security” concentration requirement. Catherine Chandler is at work with CCAS as I write to determine other potential possibilities for what requirements it might fulfill. Attached below is the course description with relevant information necessary for enrollment.

I very much hope that we fill this class soon, as it speaks both to Professor Barnett’s commitment to undergraduate education and to the well-earned reputation of UHP students that he requested his first class be for and with. My hope is that even those of you who have already filled Self & Society requirements will want to take advantage of the opportunity. As always, please consult Catherine Chandler if you have questions regarding your schedule and/or how to go about registering for this course.

Thanks, and all the best for a relaxing summer. Keep checking our blog and keep us posted on what you are reading, doing, and thinking!

With University Professor Michael Barnett

CRN: 77159
HONR 175:14
W 12:45-3:15pm

This course will explore the foundations, logic, dynamics, dilemmas, and consequences of a form of governance that operates in the name of – and for – the international community.  Topics for study and discussion will include the “forces of compassion” and the relationship between paternalism and humanitarian governance; features of “creative destruction” and debates over humanitarian intervention, dilemmas of emergency relief, post-conflict peace building and state building, etc.

Fulfills: Honors Self & society requirement; ESIA Conflict and Security concentration