16th Middle Atlantic Discovery Chemistry Project meeting

30 Apr

Here’s an opportunity for students and professors alike who are science-minded to meet some people and talk about ideas together.  Click through for more info.

MADCP 2010 – Announcement and Call for Presentations

The 16th Middle Atlantic Discovery Chemistry Project (MADCP 2010) meeting will be held on Friday, June 4 and Saturday, June 5, 2010 at the Berks Campus of The Pennsylvania State University. We are looking forward to another exciting and informative gathering with talks, workshops, and a poster session to be held during lunch on Saturday. Similarly to prior MADCP meetings we will limit the number of participants to roughly 80 so that we can have relatively small numbers in the concurrent workshop sessions and also retain much of the
intimacy, camaraderie and good conversation that have characterized our meetings in the past. Chemistry (and Math and Science) instructors from High Schools, two year Colleges and four year Colleges are encouraged to attend.

For more details about the history of MADCP visit the web site at: http://home.gwu.edu/~eisenl/MADCP-HOME.html

WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS: There will be a list of presentations and workshops at the MADCP website shortly that will be continually updated as we get more information. We are still interested in adding workshops and presentations; contact Martín Zysmilich at mgz@gwu.edu if you would like to propose a workshop or presentation.

POSTERS: If you are interested in presenting a poster, please contact Katie Amaral at kea12@psu.edu with a title and an abstract. There will be a section of the poster session devoted to undergraduate research, including a discussion of research dynamics.

REGISTRATION: Please complete the form at http://berks.psu.edu/MADCP

ACCOMMODATIONS: Overnight accommodations will be at the Berks campus of the Pennsylvania State University in Reading, PA. Rooms will be available for Thursday and Friday nights. Prices are listed on the registration form. (If anyone needs a room for another night, please contact Lorena Tribe at lut1@psu.edu)

COSTS: As always, we have tried to make this event as inexpensive as possible. We broke down the various costs as much as we could so that attendees will only pay for what they actually experience. The prices are posted on the registration page.

/Special Note/: To encourage participation by individuals who are considering careers in academics, there will be no charge for graduate students who attend. This is in addition to our policy of no charge for undergraduate participants.

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