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Steve Holt for SA President?

23 Feb

Arrested Development character STEVE HOLT! is running for SA President, evidently.  Really!  Here’s the Twitter, Facebook and Website.

Pretty funny, but I noticed that while we have a gigglicious fictitious candidate, there doesn’t seem to be a UHP candidate.  Maybe next year?

Freshman’s Art Exhibit

22 Feb

We encourage you all to support your fellow UHPer and check out Montana DeBor’s art exhibit in Smith Hall this week.

Montana DeBor, a freshman in the Honors Program, is currently exhibiting a solo art show in the first floor hallway gallery of the Smith Hall of Art through February 27, 2010.  The show, “Watercolors and Figurative Work: A Study of Natural Shapes”, is Montana’s first solo exhibit at the George Washington University and hopes everyone enjoys it!

Our Most Prestigious Writing Prize: the Strasser

22 Feb

Strasser PrizeWe’ve been soliciting entries for the annual Strasser Writing Prize all month, but the snow storms really seemed to spin everyone’s heads around.  If you haven’t submitted your work already, you really should!  Not only to do you have the chance to win recognition, but a cash prize as well.  All you need to do is hand-deliver or simply email your papers, then your part is done.   So, why haven’ t you yet?

This excerpt from our NewsFlash! has more info, but you can also check out this page or email us with any further questions.

Any form of written work is welcome. The categories this year are: Academic writing, including research papers, essays, analysis, commentary; Creative works, including short stories, poems; UW20 papers either from last year or this past fall semester.

The rules governing the competition are as follows:  The student must be a member of the Honors Program; the paper must have been submitted for a grade during the last year as defined above; the student may review and further edit the returned and graded paper prior to submission; the paper may be submitted in any format and electronically as long as it includes the author’s name and contact information, is double-spaced, 12-point font.

All entries should be submitted to the Strasser Prize Committee at the Foggy Bottom Honors office, 714 21st Street or emailed to  If hand-delivered to the office, please ask for a date-stamped receipt.  Deadline for entries is Monday, March 1.

Conflicts in Israeli Feminism and the Question of Palestine

18 Feb

Here’s another event UHP students in particular might be interested in attending.  College life and DC in general can often seem like living in a bubble — or maybe a snowglobe — but don’t forget that there’s a whole wide world out there.  Even if a topic like this looks a bit overwhelming at first, remember that you’re UHP!  (Here’s a hint, for extra points with your profs, tell them you’re going to this and invite them.)

Conflicts in Israeli Feminism and the Question of Palestine by Smadar Lavie, Associate Professor of Studies in Women and Gender, University of Virginia

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Lindner Family Commons, Room 602
1957 E Street, NW

Professor Lavie explores the conflicts inside Israeli feminist movements. What is largely known outside Israel, and in English as “Israeli feminism” is the feminism of the minority European-Jewish elite. It bears little or no appeal to the grassroots — the Mizrahi (“eastern,” Hebrew) majority of Israeli women who are of Middle Eastern origins. Most Mizrahi communities vote for right-wing parties partially because left-wing parties are associated with the Ashkenazi elite. The deep commitment of the general Mizrahi population to Zionist ideology places Mizrahi feminists, critical of Ashkenazi Zionism, in a predicament.

Reception following; RSVP Here

Sponsored by the Culture in Global Affairs (CIGA) Program & the Global Women’s Forum of the Elliott School of International Affairs

The George Washington University

xkcd: Honors Societies

18 Feb

The most recent xkcd comic touches on a subject a lot of Honors students are familiar with:  being invited to Honor societies.  We’re sure all of you have had your fair share of invitations to join or apply any number of the multitude of Honor societies out there — some certainly more legitimate than others!  After a while, you start to recognize that some of the “honor societies” aren’t really much in terms of honors or societies and you learn how to navigate through all the offers. Wednesday’s xkcd comic is a perfect observation on some of those less reputable groups.

xkcd: honors societies

xkcd: honors societies